Escondido Mobile Notary

$10  Notary (per signature)
$50  Travel (within Escondido)

includes first signature

Larger transactions negotiable
Parking Expenses paid by client

Unusual requests welcomed -

Call us for a personal quote.

(760)  310-1279 or 505-1262

About the Notaries

Statement of Intent - It is our intention to provide our Escondido clients with individualized, friendly mobile notary service while respecting their privacy and personal space. We understand that it can be uncomfortable to have a stranger in ones home or present during an illness, so we strive to make our  visit as brief and professional as is required to perform our tasks.
Chris has been a resident of Escondido for over 25 years. Along with being a notary, Chris is a tax preparer and bookkeeper who prides herself in careful and considered professionalism. She is happy to be able to provide this important  service to her professional and private clients in the greater Escondido area.
Linda is a 35-year resident of Escondido and a Forensic Document Examiner. As a handwriting expert and document consultant, being a notary in Escondido is a natural adjunct to her practice downtown. Along with usual mobile notary services, Linda will perform notary services onsite in jails and detention centers.
We are California Notaries Public located in Escondido, CA. We are sometimes called "traveling notaries" but have come to be known as Escondido's Mobile Notaries. So if you are looking for a notary in Escondido, just give us a call and we will arrange to arrive at YOUR location at your convenience. We will notarize documents at home or in your office. If one of us is unavailable, chances are the other one will be able to help you. There are a few things we recommend for you to have ready before we arrive.

Please consider us as your

  • Traveling Notaries for the Escondido area
  • Rest Home Notary
  • Notary at your home or office